Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Urgent bogroll poll

Quick! Tell me, when you're fitting a new toilet roll, do you hang it with the free end:

1. Nearest the wall?

2. Nearest the user?

The response I get will be of crucial importance to my next, more substantial post about my recent terrifying experience in a haunted shithouse in Mexico.

Will get round to visiting your bogs - sorry, blogs - when I've recovered.

I was going to respond "Number 2", but, given the nature of your post, I think I'd better say "closest to you" instead.
Closest to you. And may those who put it closer to the wall perish slowly.
Don't under any circumstances visit my blog. It will only make you jealous.

Closest to you - although with a free-standing roll close by as back-up.
Depends to whom I'm fitting it. You don't even have to bother taking the roll out of the wrapper, provided you shove hard enough.
Nearest the wall, rolling away, easiest to access.
3. Doesn't make the slightest bit of difference to me, as long as it fucking gets done.

Spoken like an old married hag.
I usually put the roll on top of the tank, trusting that my lovely wife will make the most logical decision.
Toilet roll? Whassat then?
When I was a child, it was closest to the wall, but sometime in my teens it changed and started being closest to the sitter.

I think that's when all my problems began, now that I come to reflect on it.
with the loose sheet hanging at the front, the other ways are for the weak, but in Mexico don't flush for God sake thats what the bins are for, did I just spoil yer shitty post?
Don't under any circumstances visit my blog. It will only make you jealous.

sorry kieran, I needed to say that too.
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Posted by Admin
Free end out surely. What's more the free end should be folded into a point or swan shape just like in Trust House Forte.
Oh dear.

Let's see:

FMC is right. Kim was right as a child but is now wrong.

Sam, Kav, Kieran, Mr Knudsen and Dr Maroon are all wrong. I don't care for your tone, by the way, Kav.

Binty and SafeT have very strange home lives. Andraste is clearly in a sadomasochistic relationship.

Philip should not be approached; he is dangerous.

Anonymous seems to be into Buddhism.

For Christ's sakes, people. You hang the free end AGAINST the wall. As FMC says, it's easier to get hold of and tear off that way. You must have very dirty arses. Not you, FMC.
It goes on the floor, doesn't it?
We just used moss when I was a child in the Outer Hebs, so your point is moot, Foot.

Speaking of points, Doccie M is right. How can you make the wee pointy bit if the end is closest to the wall? I think this might be a case for Martha.

Vilified! Lets see who knows their arse from their lavatory paper now!
I give you also The Toilet Roll Poll.

Why did I look this up? What is wrong with me?

What is wrong with you?
Sigh, naturally.
Oh, and do come back, I miss you awfully.
For Christ's sakes, people.

What do you mean? Did he have more than one?
then you're fiddling with the wall everytime you want a sheet. I have had many years of experience in restrooms and have trained others in restrooms, cum to a restroom and I'll instruct you.
Youre right about Kav, I'd ban him.
I stopped using bog roll when I got married. For a nice fresh clean feeling, Mrs.Warings flannel is ideal. Rinse it out, spray some Glade on it and she's none the wiser.
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So it is, yes.
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