Thursday, December 14, 2006



Nobody mention bees or Art Deco in the next few posts on your blog, please. I have a killer post planned and I'd appreciate it if you didn't steal my thunder.


Will try my best to oblige.
Hmm, I know how to spite you next Footy...good work.
Sounds like classic reverse psychology to me. You clearly want as many people to post about bees and art deco as possible to generate a buzz (pun unintended) in a neo-viral-marketing kind of way.

Well I for one will not be drawn in to such a cynical attempt at manipulation and refuse to post anything about bees or art deco in my next few posts.

Unless that's a double bluff...
This one time in bandcamp...
I left Art deco for dead in the tenches of the Somme, it would be a dishonour not to mention him and right away too.
Killer bees?
What of Art Nouveau and sugar-ants?
I know you're a busy man, Foot Eater - lots of feet to dip in cinamon and icing sugar for the festive season, but you might want to check out Monstee's latest Blunt Cogs creation (and you don't even get glarked)
So where is the thunder post?
So where is the thunder post?
No, I've lost my enthusiasm for it now. Shouldn't have mentioned it.
Can we set a time limit on this embargo please?

I mean, four days and nary a mention of matters apiaristic or architectural.

No pressure though.
Lucien, see my previous comment. It was all bullshit from the start.
Detail, de la Peste, detail....
I have manufactured the bee related post in my mind, and it was probably just as satisfying.
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