Wednesday, December 20, 2006


That was the year that was

The Fishwhacker Swindle? is a year old today. As those of you whose birthdays fall around this time of year will know, Christmas tends to eclipse this momentous event. Please don't wish me a happy blogday; I can't bear that word.

It's been a good year, all told. I started this blog on a whim one evening after spending some time irritating people in the comments sections of their blogs. In the beginning I had no idea what to post about and decided that swearing and shouting was a way to get attention. Over the year I've posted some things I still rather like when I reread them, as well as some spectacular duds. But I wouldn't delete any of it.

Now, I constantly have ideas for posts, but no longer the time to give blogging the attention it requires. It's not just writing the posts, it's responding to the comments and doing justice to posts on other people's blogs, and I just can't keep up.

This isn't a last testament from a deathbed, but rather an apologia from the blogging equivalent of an elderly man who can no longer rise to the occasion, as it were, as regularly and satisfyingly as before. What I mean is, I'm having to slow down. This site will stay up, but posting will be sporadic, as in monthly, quarterly, annually or however it pans out. I'll still haunt your blogs from time to time and crop up in the comments like a dog humping your leg (or, more appropriately, chewing your foot).

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Foot Eater

If you're going to put work and family before blogging then just go, don't look at me, no I'm not crying.
I will mention you now and then on my blog to keep your memory alive.
In my opinion, you Kav and kieran are the funniest people on these blogs, well besides me but that goes without saying. have a good blogday, if i'm still here in a year I will be amazed.
what happened to the killer art deco bees?

Goddamn tease.

Is it a year? are you sure? I thought it was more. What stuff are you proud of? Tell us.
It's not just writing the posts, it's responding to the comments and doing justice to posts on other people's blogs

Why worry about doing justice to people when they can't even hit you?
Mr Knudsen: are you suggesting that I have the makings of a cult or am I misspelling that?

Dr Maroon: as I said to Lucien in the comments on that post, it was all a load of rubbish, there was never any bee post. Oh, and the stuff I'm proud about is jokes about your mother.

Philip: at last I understand the Challinor philosophy. But you see, they can hit me. They - you - know where I live.
Just so I understand, clarify "spotty".

My wife was spotting once, and it was disquieting because it was the wrong time of the month. Everything was alright in the end, no pun intended.
Happy blogday, FE!

Oh, bugger!

Kill me now.
You're just trying to ruin Christmas, and I can't allow that to happen.

You're plan is sensible though. I mean, you could just burn out after a blazing year of glory, never to be seen again, leaving only your legend behind. Like Jimi Hendrix or James Dean, but that's not cool. No, you're doing a Cliff Richard. As I said, ruining Christmas for everybody.
Don't take too long with the posts. I just discovered your sick blog.
Have a wonderful anniversary, foot eater. Hope we'll still see you now and then. You are a cunny flever funt, and no mistake. Go n-eiri an bothar leat*.

I'm kind of heading in that direction too. I wish I had time to keep things going, but I don't. Gah.

*this is Irish, and means "may the road rise to meet you". Or does it? It may mean "burn in hell, fuckface" for all you know.
Oh, Footie, no apologies necessary. We all run out of steam after a we get more and more regulars, and some of them quite good, it gets harder and harder to read and comment everywhere, let alone come up with our own posts. But i'll keep looking forward to your posts, even if they are funny bahstid.
Happy birthday, Footles. I am too hungover to type so suffice to say you are one of the funniest and articulate 1 year olds I have ever met. 1 year-olds' humour is mainly visual usually but you blow them all out of the cot with your Woodborn and your foot-noir. And you don't soil yourself. We won't talk about the dribbling.

My head hurts right now but through the fog a dull sense of loss creeps in. I will be an avid Foot fan no matter how seldom you post but don't disappear altogether, 'k?

Love ya Foots.
Foots, keep on rolling, dude. Keep the good times rolling.
Dammit Maroon beat me to it. I waas thinking where are the bees and the art deco too. Anyhoo, happy birthday old man, and if you post less you will be missed. Understood, but missed.
Here's your art deco bees, now if you want to ram the brooch into someone's brain I'm sure it would be a killer.

Hopefully all this time off will give you the chance to write a few more Blunt Cogs scripts :)
Happy Blogday!

Now slap me, gooo ooon.
Happy anniversary, footsie. I've had heaps of pleasure reading your posts. Particularly liked the cannibal family ones and the junior doctor experiences!

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