Thursday, January 19, 2006


Best blonde joke ever

I'm not easily offended, but this is something that made me cringe.

Fuck off Footsie.
With each passing click, another of my hairs went blonde...
What a cunny funt you are.
The punchline is brilliant, apparently. I've gone through 17 links before giving up, but I'll have another go tomorrow.
I'm blonde - two clicks and I got bored (does that make another blonde joke!!)
Whooaaar! You're here, SB? I thought you were in that bar over at Doc Maroon's.
I always liked the one about the car lamp.
We left the bar, stood around outside for a while waiting for someone to write us something to do, then went our separate ways. Friday, can't get no one to do nuthin'...
I'm going for a gina and tonic in approx one and one half hours...come on time, speed up damn you.
In other news, Harry Hutton has vanished. I don’t know why I should care – his much-touted reciprocal link set-up hasn’t worked in my case – but his blog does provide the occasional diversion. El Barbudo suggests in a comment on Harry’s latest (last?) post that he’s fucked off because he isn’t featured on Blunt Cogs, and I think there’s something in this. If anyone spots him this weekend, tell him to turn his fucking computer on.
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