Friday, January 13, 2006


Word association

Adopting the principle that it's far easier to steal an idea than generate one, I'm picking up on the Anti-Barney's post about some of us and have come up with a single word that pops into my mind in association with each of the people whose blogs I link to at present. Noreen, Ball Bag and Harry aren't included as they don't stoop to visit our sites.

In no particular order:

Doc Maroon - avuncular
Binty - pissed
Gorilla Bananas - wry
Dr E. Scientist - quark
LindyK - sunny
HA HA HA - Puck
Anti-Barney - rage
El Barbudo - snarling
JokeMail - Cartman
Andraste - phwoaarr
Brewski - deranged

Try it, it's therapeutic.

Seeing "Andraste - phwoaarr" is plenty therapeutic enough for me, FE. Cheers!
What the fuck do you mean by fucking associating me,me of all fucking people,with fucking rage.I'll show you rage you septic-cunted,leprosy-arsed pedo-nacro-bollocks.
'Wry' is better than 'spry', I suppose. But what of part II of the story you started? Can't think up a good ending? It's often the problem, so take your time.
Footsie, must I be sunny all the time?! Anyrate, thanks for the charming association! Cheers!
GB: oh, don't worry, the ending's there all right. I'm just heightening the anticipation.
Better make that:

Grrr fucking grrr
Still looks lame written down.


Fuckit. Can't do snarl.

Is that 'cunt' as in 'I, El Barbudo, am a cunt for not being able to do snarl' or as in 'Foot Eater, you're a cunt'? Just asking.
so ur sayign i orbat aruond somboddys anus?

puck u too u cnut!
No, I'm saying you're a mischievous fairy, or possibly someting that gets hit around an arena by men in Jason Voorhees masks. Your kneejerk reaction speaks volumes about the stability of your mental state.
oh. wel tahts okay than.
Pissed? Everyone seems to think of me as constantly pissed! It's enough to drive a man to drink, I tell ya!
Binty, I think it was your less-than-lucid comments all over these blogs at the New Year that did it.

Thanks for the link, by the way.
You must have some very fucking funny uncles
I understand, footsie! In fact I have incorporated your comment (and the one by Anti-Barney)into my caricature submission for 'Blunt Cogs'. Not that I probably needed that much prompting.......
Very nice site! » »
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