Friday, March 17, 2006


Friday one-question quiz

Who said this about a certain cartoon?

"There is a place in this world for satire but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry toward religious beliefs begins."

Was it: a) Osama bin Laden?

b) George Galloway?

c) Isaac Hayes?

Answer: c)! The silly sod, who provides the voice of Chef in South Park, has quit after nine years because he's offended by the show's ridiculing of religion. Turns out he's a Scientologist. I'm sure he's not gay either.


It seems Tom Cruise himself (who is still not gay) might be weighing in.

Well lick my salty chocolate balls!
He was not offended by the show's ridicule of religion. He was offended by its ridicule of his religion. It's amazing how tolerant people can be so long as the satire is directed at somebody else.
Yeah, he talks crap - but that voice... mesmerising... must join Scientologists...
I'm surprised he didn't take offence much earlier on, when Cartman said the word "vagina". Because he's obviously one of those, too.
Doc: I'll pass, but thanks anyway.

Philip: quite, and I was going to make that very point before I forgot and sent the post. No point doing a stealth edit now, it'll look like I'm plagiarising you.

Ivan: at least Scientology sounds like fun, with all those aliens and things.

Hungbunny: Cartman has also said 'shit', 'asshole' and, in the film, 'fucker'. Isaac's all of those things too.
He overrates his importance to the show. The big guns are: Jesus, Satan, Saddam and Cartman's mother. They'd better not offend any of those guys.
Blame Canada, that's what Brian Boitano'd do.
I love it when I find out that celebrities have fallen under the sway of some stupid cunt religion or cult religion.
I get to mark them off the sheet of people I'm jealous of, on account of their apparent gullibility/stupidity.
Cook? Kook, more like. God, how may of these scientologists are there? To the unsuspecting eye, they just look like terrible actors or unassuming cartoon characters, but then they reveal their true alliegences in petulant, highly publicised stunts like this.

But I always suspected Cook. There was one particular episode, where, just for a fraction of a second, youdamissesithadyablinked, he his eyes flickered and did that no pupil or iris thing. Just the sclerotic whites of the chosen. Or the taken, or the nicked, or whatever - you know what I mean: the unbelievably bloody twitty.
I solved the anagram a while back.
So what was the fucking anagram?

I've been ashamed to ask, because then people would know that I'm not only too stupid to figure it out, but also enough of a cunt to ask.

But then I thought, hey, there are worse things to be than a stupid cunt, and there are even worse things than to be known to be a stupid cunt.

So fuck you all, I'm a stupid cunt and I'm proud.

And fuck you too, Maroon, because you probably won't tell me.
ANON. I could give you a clue.

I believe it is how he thought of us, around the time he started this blog.

Probably still does.

"Those who beat the bishop? Not many and they’re too young!"

I have just reread all the comments at El Hairy's. Very funny.
Too much of a wimp to admit an identity, Anonymous?

I have no problem in admitting that I haven't worked out the anagram either. I never was very good at them and even had to work it out slowly when El B told me about Blunt Cogs.

I guess wankers is in there somewhere, but I couldn't figure out what to do with the THEFISHCWDLE left over. There's no U so that rules out the 2 likeliest of words, so I'm stumped.
There is another " I " and " H " leftover as well.
I think you've just made my point for me, Doc.
Well, if a stumped wanker needs a point made, it's just as well to have a doctor on hand.
There's an anagram afoot?
(pun intended)
I think I've got it... I think I'll e-mail Footsie to check.
right back at you, piss-flaps
I am not childish!

Well, actually, I guess I am. I'm certainly the last bit, too.

Never mind then. Carry on.
I am the thickest cunt of the lot of us, and I demand someone tell me the anagram. Have some pity you cunts.
Actually, I'vejust noticed that you can get "sandwich" in thre somewhere. Am I getting close yet?

Re: Whelk Sandwich Fetish!

Do I get my £5?
Too many comments for me to reply to each one without making an effort, so I'll just say: Anonymous, I didn't mind your anonymity in your first comment (I think I know who you are anyway), but you shot yourself right in the bollocks with the second.

And Binty, who did email me, is both right and wrong...
We crossed in the proverbial ether there, Kim. Clever one, that. I think it's time to bring this all out from the comments and into a post.
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