Monday, March 13, 2006


Zombie post

Happy birthday yesterday, Slobodan Milosevic! You now qualify for a bus pass and are officially an elderly person according to (most) NHS psychiatric health trusts. Retirement can be a difficult thing to cope with, but don't let… oh, for fuck’s sake, I’ve done this all before in reverse.

The vomiting has stopped at last, not that I’ve eaten anything worth spewing in the last 48 hours. The awesome, death-defying, month-in-advance-planned big night out didn’t happen last night, for obvious reasons, so, the better half being on call at the hospital and my being on my ace (being [temporarily] single; get it?), I watched a couple of DVDs. Land Of The Dead was the first. It’s George Romero’s fourth flick in his Dead sequence which began in 1968 with the astonishing Night, progressed through Dawn in 1978, was resurrected groaning and clawing with Day in 1985 and has finally unearthed itself 20 years later. Utter brilliance, all of them. Most readers of this blog are probably zombie fans by definition so I’m preaching to the choir, but let me allow myself a little heresy here to say that I’ve loved all four of the films, even the much-maligned Day, and the latest offering is simply terrific.

Then I watched The Devil’s Rejects by Rob Zombie. Not a zombie fillum, this, but rather a loving homage to 1970s Southern horror, and apparently a sequel to the Oscar-dodging Night Of 1,000 Corpses. I wasn’t expecting much, but Rejects is probably the most stylish, gripping and, yes, intelligent horror movie of the last ten years. Essential viewing, and it’s given me some ideas about a lengthy continuation of the Fenby story. Switch off now if you're faint of heart or easily bored.

Blogosaurus entry idea: Poodlecringe (Brit.) – the pathetic delaying of a new blog post until North America has woken up and commented on your last one. Violated with this post, obviously, as it's not even 11 p.m. here in Essex. (The permalink to the blogosaurus is coming, for those who care.)

Fucking GLARK!

Anyway, Poodlecringe... love it! Just think how I feel though Footsie, being 8 hours ahead of the UK as well!!! I have to wait fucking ages before anyone reads my shit.
Is that a zombie in the picture, Footsie?

Never met one myself, I'm afraid, so I'll have to conjecture about what they look like.
Brains! Braiiiiins!

Re. "Poodlecringe". Love it!

My usual posting time is during lunch (usually at 2 or 3 EST) so you lot are out drinking and won't read my blather for hours.
I think you need a word for not wanting to post an idea straight away as you only posted one yesterday and are worried that you'll use up all your ideas too quick and be left with nothing to post later in the week...
Is milosovich a zombie? Dude only died, what, a day ago? I think it takes a few hours for the rigor mortis to metamorphose into the limber and spry zombie mode we know and love.
On the bright side, a zombie Slobodan can continue to stand trial.
Aren't zombies inferior in every way to ghosts? What's the word for allowing a spam comment to fester rather than deleting it?
Braindead - same director as Lord of the Rings apparently. No, really. I saw Braindead many moons ago and absolutley wet myself. Mrs Dr Mcrumble found the whole film thoroughly distasteful and refused conjugations for 2 months in protest!
Binty: on the bright side, yours is often the only new stuff when the rest of us get up, so we approach it with a fresh outlook, untainted by the irritability and cynicism that prejudices our enjoyment of other blogs.

Des: That's John Redwood, British Conservative MP, who really does look like one of the living dead when he appears on television.

Kim: good idea, I know the feeling! Will try to come up with a word.

SafeT: Slobodan was the only non-zombie part of that post, but I like your last suggestion. Worryingly, his body is being released to his wife, so she may have him reanimated and reinstated as Serbian president.

GB: what spam comment?

Dr McC: welcome. Braindead (aka Dead Alive in the US) is a classic. You might want to check out Peter Jackson's first film in similar vein, Bad Taste. The title says it all, really.
A ghost might maintain a semblance of the original personality and may, according to Hollywood tradition, enjoy a certain supernatural amount of comic timing and natural repartee.

In the zombie's favor, however, is corporeality.
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