Tuesday, March 07, 2006



Dr Maroon
Had better continue his tale soon.
Or his fellow Blunt Cogsers, as one,
Will scourge his flesh with a nailgun.

Extols the delights of boxing to her commentariat.
But has she considered that repeated blows to the head
Might render a man useless in bed?

El Barbudo
Is intrigued by the concept ‘camel toe’.
He’d do well to reflect that the object of his fascination
Is best displayed after thorough depilation.

Binty McShae
Won a Blogscar the other day.
A Blunt Cogs script about this would be fun
But I’m fucked if I can think of one.


Here's one I made later.

Makes me
Laugh; so
Post, bro'!

Fucking poetry, I can't for the life of me explain how it makes the skin on the back of my neck crawl.
But I am having a happy day, so I shall make light of it and move on.
Oh now look Foot Eater, you made me swear.
Happy Birthday for yesterday, footsie. Did ya get any nice pressies?
AHA! I've figured it out! "The Fishwhacker Swindle is an anagram for: "SHEER HEWN, FLASH-DICK WIT!"

Furthermore, "Foot Eater" is an anagram for "Otter: A foe!".

Yeeeeeeees, it's all starting to be come very clear now.
for some reason..
these leave a bad taste in my mouth.
Footsie had a berfday?! I hope it was a good one, kid!

Docky E, those anagrams are fantastic! If only I'd put that info together long ago... hmmm...
Apparently we should all go drinking with Dr E Scientist Phd as his name is an anagram of "cedes third pints". Mind you, he wouldn't be able to afford a round sincehis "cent didst perish"...

The only anagram I can come up with for Lindyk is "kindly"... ahhh!

And before anyone says it, I know one anagram of my name is "aim by stench"...
FMC: clerihews are for the lazy poet, as they don't have to scan.

SB: thanks, and yes; lots of books and some DIY tools.

Dr E.: I was wondering when someone would pick up on the anagrammatical title bit. Good ones.

Sarah: why? These are the censored versions, anyway; you should have seen the originals.

LindyK: it was, thanks.

Binty: brilliant! Looks like you'll be in line for the Blog Anagram awards next.
Foot Eater:
A Forte Toe
Toe Or Feta
Rotate Foe
Rate Of Toe
Tear Of Toe
Rat Foe Toe
At Reef Too

Dr E Scientist Phd:
Drenched Piss Tit
Depicts Nerd Shit
Credited Nth Piss
Creeps Didnt Shit
Shit Scented Drip
Shit Ciders Dept
Dr Shit de Pest Inc

Binty Mcshae:
He Isnt My Cab
My Snit Beach
Beachy Mints
Bachs Enmity
Bisect Hyman
Shant By Mice
Many Bitches

Stone Me

One Stem

...er, that's about it.
One more thing me dear Foot Eater,
You poems may rhyme but lack good meter.
Though me can write clerihews too,
anagrams am more fun to do.
But clerihews, my dear Monstee,
Require no special metre, see.
As I above to Sarah quoth
They are boon to poets of sloth.
Trite though they are, I'm pleased to see
Their chiding tone has goaded thee
And Doc Maroon to post at last.
(I must work, or my arse is grass.)
I mean, 'as I to FMC quoth', though that doesn't scan.
"Shit Scented Drip"

Aw, you've given away my last post...
If I'd ever been in the SS, then you could combine it with my name to create Kiss My Arse.
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I just can't stand when things all rhyme,
My can they land upon and grind
until I've planned; my private time
to kill the damned, the rhyming kind!
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