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We all know that on this day in history, Hitler, Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito signed the Yalta agreement (1945), Spain launched its first satellite (1970) and Nelson Mandela was jailed (1990). But future generations will remember an event that overshadows all of these, namely the death of actor Leslie Nielsen.

Nielsen was best known for Frank Drebin, the inept detective he played in the TV series Police Squad and later the three Naked Gun films. Who could forget immortal lines like “Nice beaver,” and the following exchange:

Drebin: “Why would the mayor be in a sleazy part of town like this at three a.m.?”
Sidekick (played by George Kennedy): “Sex, Frank?”
Drebin: “That’s very tempting, but we’ve got work to do.”

Also great were the two Airplane films, in which he was wont to deliver the rapier-like comeback “Don’t call me Shirley.” A neglected gem of a movie was Spy Hard, a Bond spoof in which Nielsen played Dick Steele and which featured an awesome credits sequence ending with Weird Al Yankovic’s head exploding.

Rest in peace, Leslie. We’ll never see your like again.


It seems February 11 marks the anniversary of his birth (in 1926), not the date of his death. Apologies for any embarrassment caused to Mr Nielsen and his family. Happy birthday, Les!

you're such a bastard slapping ninny.

(am i getting better with the insults)

i'm glad nielson isn't really dead. i was going to launch the day of watching his films. which, i wouldn't mind, but i have other crap to get done!
it is a pretty fucking cool morphing button though. (i get to see all the goods before everyone else.. me and monstee.. we're like THIS.)
Don't forget Leslie's immortal role as the Commander John J. Adams in "Forbidden Planet!"

One of my favorite vintage SF movies, actually. Had a lot going for it!
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Foot Eater you FUCKER!!! You had me going. Me was all like...
"Awwww. Me liked him."
Now the me know he not dead, me not feel any better. Me just feel mad that me was gotten so easy.
Sarah: no, that was a piss-poor excuse for an insult. And what do you mean by 'like THIS'? Do you indulge in inter-species carnal pleasures with him?

SafeT: he was in Forbidden Planet? Now I just have to watch it.

Monstee: but you're American; of course it's easy to fool you.
He was in Forbidden Planet back in the days when he was a 'serious' actor. He was in a Columbo episode once as well... it was so hard to watch him up to skulduggery just expecting a one-liner or double-entendre.

He's wicked in a couple of Due South episodes too, a seriously under-rated show if ever there was one!
Monstee is right! I was also upset when I saw this. Eat your corns!
Well, I think I laid out enough hints in the first sentence of the post to indicate it was a hoax, but there you go...
One should never engage in hoaxes, FootEater. Everyone knows that!
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