Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Return of the limericks

G. Bananas is clever and sage,
Qualities all too rare in this age.
But he’d better watch out:
With ape-hunters about
He might end up blogging from a cage.

When Doc Scientist tried to correct a
Perceived defect in SafeTinspector,
He crossed Hungbunny’s style
With FatMammyCat’s bile
And he wound up with Hannibal Lecter.

El Barbudo’s a coarse, foul-mouthed man
And not much of a Foot Eater fan.
But I’ve beat him this time –
I’ve unmasked him, the swine!
He’s none other than Archbish Rowan.

"He might end up blogging from a cage."

Are you letting the fiance fill these out?
You utter cunt. Now the world will fucking know. The Sun will have a field day with this.

Start watching out for lightening bolts you fucker. God's on my side, remember?
It certainly rhymes....but... what does it mean?
Ah, poetry.
Doc: she doesn't have access to this site; I employ future-spousal control software.

Your Grace or however the fuck I'm supposed to address you: nice of you to drop in.

SafeTinspector: if you don't find meaning in the limerick, then perhaps you'll find it in the Random Surrealism Generator at the foot of the blog.
Inspiration for Blunt Cogs if ever I saw it
Thank you, Foot Eater. I've got too many contacts in high places to be put in a cage. The Mayor of Brazzaville's wife owes me several favours. I must say, I really like the positive feeback you quote on the left margin.
Kim: I was going to make it Osama bin Laden but couldn't get it to rhyme. Great 'toon.

GB: yes, I never figured you for the sort who'd let himself be caged. You'd probably stump your potential captors with some parable.
Cool! I made Hannibal Lecter!

Eat your heart out, James Bond!

Err, well not literally...
Foot.. i think you should turn dr r williams's comment into a quote. especially this part:

"Start watching out for litening bolts you fucker. God's on my side, remember?"

that's fucking precious as fuck.
then, like a true cunt, i misquote him by misspelling fucking lightening.
Don't worry, Sarah, he misspelled 'lightning' himself.
Oh, and I meant to say that's a great idea about the quote.
Nice one Footsie... funny as fuck!
You always were a pedantic fucker footeater
i've been corrected by the dude that's always getting his head lobbed off..


thanks Foot. :o)
You again, Dr R? I thought it was you clergy who were the pedants. Oh, hang on, that's pederasts.
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