Sunday, February 05, 2006


Blucking Fogger

Posts are disappearing and comments are being chewed up. Something's afoot.

In case this is some virus and all our blogs are going to end up destroyed, it was nice knowing you all.

I don't know about comments (I get notified of about three in every five, but they appear on the weblog all right), but Blogger has occasional technical difficulties, of which last night's chaos was a sample. For information (and, one hopes, profuse apologies) see
Thanks, Dav (may I be familiar?). I've just noticed that Kim Ayres has some useful advice about recovering blogs in the comments section of Doc Maroon's latest post on his, Doc Maroon's, site.

write more elegantly write more elegantly write more elegantly
Beautiful mother of God, the blogs are back.
Apparently things are back to normal now? The comments people posted last night and today seem to be sticking... and you thought you could get rid of us that easy, Footsie...
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