Friday, February 03, 2006


Don't Lose Your Heads, Urge World Leaders

From our cartoon correspondent

The world was in turmoil this afternoon as the furore over the offensive cartoons took a new and violent turn. Descendants of executed criminals demanded the banning of the website Blunt Cogs over what they termed its 'crass insensitivity'. The site portrays frequent violence including graphic decapitation. At approximately 12 noon GMT an angry rabble numbering several thousand stormed the Internet and set fire to a portion of it, before being dispersed or killed by truncheon-wielding gravatars. International leaders appealed for calm and a special session of the UN Security Council was convened to address the problem.

Blunt Cogs co-creator, philosopher Kim Ayres, said: "We see ourselves as revolutionary. The French Revolution took place so that people would have the right to be guillotined in their thousands. We are fighting for the freedom to capture decapitation in pictorial form. Our project also allows people to vent aggressive feelings cathartically, and it gives a lot of people a bloody good laugh as well."

His colleague, El Barbudo, said: "**** *** * ***** ***, you *******, and ***** **** in **** the *** **** bicycle pump."

Trey Parker, co-creator of the hit US television series South Park, said: "We've shown some gross-out stuff over the years but nothing like the sick **** these ***holes are coming up with. Plus, we're pissed off that they're funnier than us. We're going to sue for breach of copyright."

Excellent! Although let's just hope that it's not too prophetic.
My thoughts too Kim.
For the love of Christ, do not picture The *******, peace be upon him.
***ing **ll, we're famous!
Well, we ****ing stand behind our **** -- it's only quality **** on Blunt Cogs!
top ******ing post!
****that mother******, she was heard to say!!!
*** **** ** *****?
The gravatars..... i'm scared.
Me smell whole new series on this one.

But no-one's answered my question. To repeat, *** **** ** *****? I'll grant that **** ** ******, given that ** ********* *** by ***, but even if ***** *** *****'s *****, it still doesn't explain why ****** scratches ******* *****.
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