Tuesday, February 14, 2006



He started it.

Enters Lady Boys’ Arseholes Regularly But Usually Doesn’t Orgasm

Entertains Lewd Beliefs About Raw Buttfucking Under Drenching Ordure

Escapes Lacerated Butt Agony Resourcefully By Ululating During Orgasm

Embarrassingly, Loses Beard As Rectum Bursts Under Deranged Onslaught

Expects Labia, But As Ravishing Blonde Undresses, Discovers Organ

Enlists Learned Bananas’ Assistance (Reasonably), Because Unmanageable Debts Outstanding

Eschews Learned Bananas’ Advice (Regrettably); Buys Unwieldy Dildo Object

and the original:

Enjoys Licking Balls And Ramming Bone Up Dogs' Orifices

get in there footie
The first one. It's the first one because he'd do it for the sense of power rather than from sexual desire.
uh..no G.B. just a tourist who wants to see more blunt cogs. You lot won't implode will you?
i like this one:

Expects Labia, But As Ravishing Blonde Undresses, Discovers Organ
i'm piss poor at insults because i'd really rather not partake in making people feel bad.

that said.. i can always get even.

as far as the carnal inter-species relations.. no, just friends. :o)
Fine overly ostentatious twat, eats all three erotic rocks.
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Getting a little excited by your own creativity, it seems.....

I still like the original as it appears on El B's site, just because of the way it took me by surprise. But all these...? I'm not sure whether that's clever or just a bit sad...!
It's just a bit sad, Binty.
As with all art forms, repetition can cause quality to degrade. The first am best because it am inspired and full of passion. Now you just trying to recapture lightning in bottle.

...but the crossdresser one am good too.
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