Sunday, January 22, 2006


I need a stiff one after this

I finally picked up the engagement ring for the beloved today. In the shop I noticed a selection of engagement rings... for men. It’s apparently all the rage.

How fucking gaye is that?

What a prick you are... I can't believe someone is actually agreeing to marry you...
All right, which one of you is that?
Anonymous commenters are idiots. Just make up a name, asshole, it's not so hard.

Hey, FE, congratulations!
Don't take this the wrong way, but has she anything to do with your work?
Vis, is she actually breathing and stuff?
What? We've got a right to know.

Oh go and get yourself a fucking ring, you know you want one.
Congratulations Footsie,well done.
Hurry up and marry her,you can't be happy all your life.B.T.W.,I
fuckin' love the cartoon.
Congratulations, Footsie! I wish you both very happy. But be worried if she gets you one of those fancy dude engagement rings though...

Oh, and anonymous douchebag, drop some balls...
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Doc, she's alive, and is most supportive of my work even if she thinks I'm a crazy fucker to do it.
anonymous is a lonely fuck that no one wants.. hence the bitter attitude!

congrats foot!
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