Sunday, November 04, 2007


I'm not back yet; it's not December

Has anybody out there a copy of any Morbius comics from the 1970s? Morbius was a reluctant vampire who gorged himself on carotid and jugular blood while feeling guilty about it. There was a terrific 1977 comic in which he starred and which also featured Blade the vampire hunter. Top stuff. I'll pay you good money if you can point me in the direction of this excellent material.

The photo above is a bit naff but it seems even Mr Google can't come up with the 1970s goods these days, and probably wears a gay bunch of garlic around his neck to boot. You don't want to read The Judge's House by Bram Stoker, mister; it will scare your leather vest off. Aaaaaaarrrrgh!!!

Is that you Foot Eater? It doesn't sound like you. Anyway, your Morbius character is eating Spiderman. I don't approve of that because I like Spiderman.
I always liked Dr Strange.
I was in a fan club of one.
Top stuff, you say.

Aaaaaaaarrrgh!!! you say.

I dunno. Surely reluctant vampires would sip. Or quaff perhaps, but "gorge"? See that just lacks believability for me. No real effort on the part of the Morbius actor to really understand his character beyond the costume and the false teeth.

I'm giving it a thumbs down with a rotten tomato on the end based on the probable gay bunch of garlic, the (like, sooooooo been done already) Allenesque guilt neurosis and the 2-dimensionality of the lead.
And no. I don't have any copies at all.

Sorry 'n' stuff.
It is December now
Don't know anything about Morbius at all, but felt excitement at seeing a new post,F.E. Love your writing. Scary funny.
Keep up the good work.
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