Sunday, July 01, 2007


I grovel at your altar

While I'm supping, I might as well celebrate the departure of Patricia Hewitt, and welcome as my new boss Alan Johnson, who is an ex-postman and in his most recent post as Education Secretary came up with 'new ideas and proposals', one of which is 'parents spending more time with their children in a bid to help them progress with their literacy and numeracy skills.' Quite the policy genius, then, and one admirably equipped to lead our fair nation out of the morass its citizens have got it in over the last ten years.

Did I want to see a pic of your todger doing a money shot?

Actually, now that I think about it, I probably did.
Yes, but why is it doing it into a bottle? And how did he detach it?
I'm trying to engage in serious political discussion here and you two filthy smut-hounds drag the debate into the gutter. Disgusting.
Now that Patricia has left her lofty station, do you think the chances of administering a punitive enema upon her without encountering retribution are increased ? Or are these people's arses guarded for life ?
I wouldn't risk it fearfink, I believe she's had a whole battalion deployed.
Morass. Good word.
And punitive, also good.

If I see anymore good words, I'll let you know.
I suppose the bid was to get parents to progress with their literacy and numeracy skills.
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