Wednesday, July 04, 2007


'Fourth Doctor Arrested As Terror Probe Widens'

Oh dear, it's looking a bit bad for us. Still, it's often said that unemployment breeds violence.

Dr Maroon has a go at what he calls 'not real' doctors and paints such a crude picture of us that I nearly choked on my roast swan's wing. He even resorts to juvenile name-calling, labelling us a 'shower of shite', the Nessie-bothering knob jockey.

I suppose we'll all now have to undergo re-interviews for our jobs, carefully designed to assess us for suicidal terrorist tendencies, just as we currently have to give an assurance that we're not new versions of Harold Shipman.

Mind you, some of us do behave badly. I once had a colleague who admitted to me that he'd had sex with one of his patients. I'd have reassured him that this wasn't such a bad thing if he hadn't been a forensic pathologist.


Read this, Maroon. You'll love it.

I read it. Isn't doccie an engineer?
I'm no Daily Mail reader, but it'll be a long time before I let a Dr Abdul anywhere near my prostate. Unless Paula's a doctor these days, of course.
Doctors are cunts, I hate them all. My toilet was bunged up with floaters and I called the NHS and not one doctor came out to fix it.

I phoned up to complain telling them to light a fire under their arses and the police came round and arrested me.

So does petrol give you a burning sensation?
"Serial killers. The golden years were the fifties to the eighties. We had Ted Bundy, Ed Gein, the Boston Strangler, Son of Sam, the Yorkshire Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer and others. The nineties gave us Fred West and Harold Shipman, which wasn't bad. But lately? Not a peep. Come on, chaps, pull your fingers out." (Source - The Fishwhacker Swindler - a week or so ago.)

I haven't anything further I can comment on this.
I already knew my doctor was an evil cunt.
my point exactly. They'll have to go back through all their patients to see which ones they poisoned.

Take me to a white man, that's what I used to say. That was before Crippen and Shipman and Nurse Munschausen by Proxy or whatever her name was.

I'd let FMC treat me.
i left a comment with him but he hasn't approved it yet.
Pat: precisely.

Hungbunny: your mention of prostate has me squirming, especially as the title of the post contains the words probe and widens.

Mr Knudsen: considering the number of doctors that are going to be out of work from August as a result of the government's bungled MMC (Modernising Medical Careers, or Massive Medical Cull) scheme, you may well find that lots of them retrain as plumbers.

Sam: good girl. Silence can often be the wisest course.

FS: is that the attractive lady doctor who appeared on your blog? I'd forgive her a lot of evils.

Dr Maroon: I assume by 'him' you mean Ken Macleod. We've exchanged emails before. Nice chap, for a Scotch.
"FS: is that the attractive lady doctor who appeared on your blog? I'd forgive her a lot of evils."

Et tu, Footie? I thought it was only Fumie.
I feel a little guilty now.
I pulled their legs a bit. That's the trouble with our lot, we all know our foibles but when we wander everyone thinks "what a divot"
We are all divots, Doc. That's why we should never venture out of our cages.

By the way, I saw Ken Macleod once at a book-signing in Waterstone's. He doesn't have a fat arse.
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