Saturday, April 14, 2007


The greatest film ever made

This is so upsetting, so horrifying, I've struggled through it only once sober. Twice I've drunk beforehand and during, and the nightmare has been even more profound. You won't understand what I'm on about until you've tried this film. Preferably intoxicated.
So one for all the family then?
If you don't my sharing some of your professional insights,
-After consuming the foot, what do you do with the rest of the body? -What is your "alibi?"
-Not for me personally, I'm asking for a friend.
Once the sex is over I tend to bury the rest. You should come and see my excellent garden - the corpses really do nourish the soil. On second thoughts, please don't.
Good grief, you've had blogorrhea.

I hate to contradict you, but "Shaun of the Dead" is the best movie ever.
I have never heard of this film so I have nothing to add. She added.
'The great escape' or the 'Sound of music' are the best films ever.

I can't wait until the Christmas period to watch them again.
Is this truly by Keno Films? I've played that game in restaurants, and lose every time.
Looks like I'd lose a bit by watching this flick. Honestly, I'm the sort of philistine that will tell you I've never heard of this movie, and I'd not be lying in any way shape or form.
i been busy.
Is it as good as "No Mercy for Gina"? It had Germans in it as well. I t wasn't a barrel of laughs, but it filled a slow afternoon.
Come on, has no-one else seen this? Next you'll be telling me you haven't seen any 1980s films from Belarus.
Sorry, Foot. Send it to me on a region 1 DVD and I'll watch it. With my kids, because that's how you would want it.
I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses

I think it does.
it looks like the village people are back at it again..

you should rent "the mothers"
I don't understand why you persist in expressing opinions. It's nasty.
You must rrreeeaaallllyyyy love this film or have you been killed by a mob of angry film goers that have taste?

Ever see the film Scatman?
Its a porno about a superhero.
Ok, I know this is a little rich coming from me, but POST SOMETHING NEW YOU CUNT! I hate to massage your ego (it's too big to get my hands around as it is) but I actually enjoy the weird shit you spout. And I need some enjoyment at the moment, so get a fucking move on.
Foot, your silence is pregnant. Shame on you and that young man.
where are you, footsie?
At this stage, the silence has given birth. Come on will ya.
Look, if we all agree to watch this "upsetting," "horrifying," "nightmare" film which you've advised us is best seen while intoxicated, will you come back?
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