Saturday, April 14, 2007


No! It can't be!


It really IS as bad as some say!

I'm going to be sick. Then I'm going to take this film apart, limb by limb.

Martin Scorsese, you're a prostitute.

He'll always have goodfellas, if you're a straight man its complusary to love that film.
oh and it was his time, he could film you having a shit and get an oscar for it.
That's exactly what I mean, Mr K. Goodfellas is such a great film that it's hard to believe the same director was responsible this one. While watching it I was constantly comparing it to Goodfellas, and on every measure - story, pace, acting, casting, dialogue, editing - it didn't hold a candle to the earlier film.
I thought the bit where Jack Nicholson was killed was rubbish. The pacing was dodgy, Martin Sheen was crap and I didn't buy the Leonardio relationship with the psychiatrist which I thought was much too contrived. I thought Matt Damon was good though, Leo was pretty good and Mark Wahlburg was fantastic.

I didn't hate it but I never need to see it again.
Watch the Hong Kong original, "Infernal Affairs"... I hate to be one of those snooty people that always says "The original was far superior", but it fucking was.
See, Binty, I would say the original was stupid as well.
Good soundtrack. Also, Matt Damon is a pretty good actor, and Di Caprio's ' You gonna let 'em chop me up and feed me to the pooowwweerr?' had me in stitches. Also I call it De Depawwwwted.
Never mind all that the new Bourne trailer is out. Huzzah!
I thought Matt Damon stood out among an amazing all-star cast in Team America: World Police; but then, he did have all the best lines.
Sam: who'd have thought the crappy rapper Marky Mark would have turned out to be such a good actor? I haven't seen him deliver a bad performance yet. I love that foul-mouthed exchange between him and Alec Baldwin's character at the briefing session.

Binty: yes, by all accounts Infernal Affairs is better. Winning an Oscar for a remake is cheating, anyway.

SafeT: did you like Goodfellas, though?

FMC: Damon is a good actor, far better than DiCaprio, but I thought he was wasted here. The directing was too mannered, too stagey.

Philip: you never saw Team America; I don't believe you.
Not only did I see it, from Everybody's Got AIDS through America - Fuck Yeah and the throwing-up scene to the revelation of Kim Jong-Il's true nature; but I'm thinking of changing the strapline on my weblog to I'm Ronery.

So put that between your toes and chew on it, Mister Sceptic.
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