Friday, May 25, 2007



Does anyone feel like joining in?


It's a great film, The Shout (1978), by the way, with John Hurt, Alan Bates and Tim Curry. I've just watched it for the whateverth time and I heartily recommend it. Be sure to shout along to it!

As I doubt that will be coming on The Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, no such luck.

And I hope your man in that picture is screaming because he's about to get strapped in to an orthodontist's chair.
I tried but faltered at the extended GGGGGGGGGGGG bit. I just can't do more than one G at a time without my tongue disappearing down the back of my throat. It's hard to make a seamless transition to the HHHHHHs when you've swallowed your tongue, although NGNGNGNGNGs become much more easy.

Another film I haven't seen. Anyway, I don't care for shouting. It's probably crap.
FS: he's screaming because he's just visited this blog hoping for something worthwhile to read.

Sam: too many Gs there, I fear. It's a little-known film but deserves better. Utterly mesmerising psychological horror, and probably the only tale of its kind that's framed by a cricket match.
Reminds me of this
Well, somebody seems to have got out of bed for less than three comments.
Tim Curry eh, [shudder], cant be arsed with him
I... I don't know what to say. I usually talk loudly, its in my nature. But I've not tried to shout like that.
What was the motivation for such volume?
It hurts John to masturbate so lets just have a curry.

You watch some dodgy shit lad.
I just missed getting Tim Curry's autograph. My life has been a downward spiral ever since.
I love how congenitally saucy Tim Curry looks.
sam: Congenitally saucy?!?

Harrumph, sounds like a quick way to work-related anal fatigue.
Off to Netflix to see if they have it. I have a strong suspicion that I may regret using you as a referrer of movies....
Has anyone else noticed that since Dr Maroon disappeared off to the US, Foot Eater hasn't been posting either?

Is there a case of dual identity going on here, or is Foot Eater Dr Maroon's PA?
Kim: I thought Blunt Cogs revealed that the two of you are responsible for the blogs of everyone in your link lists?
I felt like shouting the other day... but I decided to take a holiday for my birthday and resign by proxy instead. Happy birthday to me! Then the yelling (and jumping on the hotel beds) that ensued was joyful yelling... There's no Tim Curry, but maybe that counts anyway.
I knew Foot Eater and Maroon were the same person, or at least ghey lovers. Now shout with me.

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