Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Confessional again

I’ve run out of ideas for posts. Been there, done that, I think whenever a promising notion drifts into my head. In truth, lately I’m rather enjoying keeping a low profile, reading everyone else’s blogs and occasionally commenting. Hiding has its pleasures. As time goes on, I’ll post more. I’ve a backlog of unpublished short stories, some of which I’m thinking of posting here, though they’re not always exactly in humorous vein. Got to polish them up first, though, for such a discerning readership. In case they prove too big or nobody ends up reading them, I need to figure out a way to store them somewhere else and link to them from this blog. Trouble is, I don’t have the technical know-how. For instance, I know Blogger allows you to have a blog within a blog, but I haven’t worked out what this means yet. Blogging was never meant for idiots like me. At least, that’s what the man at the Blogger help desk says. Work out what I’m really saying with this post, if you’re curious.

It's goof to see you back and I hope everything is well with you.
Sigh, not goof, good. V tired and most cranky, do forgive me.
You could be like me and do a bunch of blogs and just post links.
The blog-in-blog thing doesn't work on newer versions of Internet Explorer without disabling some security features anyway.
'Course, if you were like me then the ancillary blogs would get pretty much ignored. :)
Me have multi blogs as well. Me have one called "The Back of the Cave" where me keep a little project that never really took off. But it am good for keeping stuff and testing and linking to if needed. Just make a new blog in your Dashboard and in its settings say NO when it ask if you want to add new blog to listing. Then only YOU know it am there and you link to it as you wish. am goof to see you back!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sorry, SexyBeauty, I've deleted your comment out of paranoia. Will reply to it on your blog, if that's okay.
Where are my manners?

FMC: thanks, feels like I've been on Pluto.

SafeT and Monstee: good tips, thanks.
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