Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Public service announcement

I just thought I'd let everybody know that I haven't been posting much lately.

I thought as much. The telltale absence of text, the lack of renewal in the updating process, the unnatural bloating of previous comments boxes - all these are symptoms which denote, to the expert, a period of non-posting immediately prior to the focusing of the observer's attention upon the site where the non-postage has been taking place (or, alternatively, where the posting has not been taking place). Given the fairly fundamental importance of the distinction between posting and non-posting, which might almost be said, in an ontological sense, to reflect the difference between speech and silence or even existence and nonexistence, I am certainly heartened that this clarification as to the previous and possibly continuing state of non-posting has been posted. If only everyone in the blogosphere could be so concise.
What phillip said.
Philip: I think those are signs, not symptoms, but apart from that I couldn't have put it better myself. Which is why I didn't try.

SafeT: yes.

Pat Pi: welcome.
What a great site » » »
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