Tuesday, April 11, 2006



Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. I did, though for some reason I got a few funny looks when I arrived back at work today.

The other day I went for a walk in the woods and took along my labrador, Fritz. He’s a gentle soul, as labradors are, and so when I left him by himself and wandered off to look at some ducks, I wasn’t surprised to see on my return that all manner of woodland folk had come up to make friends with him: squirrels, foxes and even a badger. I had to shoo them away, which I felt a bit sorry about, and Fritz himself seemed reluctant to part from his new acquaintances.

Imagine my surprise when a group of children and their mothers began to scream at the sight of him a few minutes later. I called after them that he wouldn’t bite but they didn’t seem to hear. Perhaps they were cat lovers?

That evening I told Vampirella about this curious episode. She sighed, put her hand on mine and said in that soft, touching way of hers: “Foot, it’s been six weeks now. Don’t you think it’s time to bury him?”

Blogosaurus entry: Wanker’s cramp – blogging block.

When you were looking at the ducks, did any of them call for a policeman?
Is he on castors?
In my experience of the natural process of decay, there isn't much left to drag around after six weeks. Surely you noticed he was a little lighter on the leash than usual?
easter isn't until this sunday..


don't tell me your dog died. now i feel horrible for the tosser bit.

i'm sorry.
Bury him?!?! After only six weeks?!?! That's crazy talk!!! You wife am crazy!!! Six weeks am perfect time for making stew!
Philip: they tried, but I stopped them.

FMC: damn, I wish I'd thought of that. It would have made him easier to dislodge when he snagged on the brambles.

Dr McC: come to think of it, he has been a little lighter of late. I just assumed he was getting fitter.

Sarah: ha ha, good one about Easter. And he's not dead, I won't have it.

Monstee: she is crazy, isn't she? I'm worried about what gene mix our children are going to inherit.
Why was the squirrel interested?
Is the pooch an animated carcass or were you dragging him? If the latter, that's cruel!
I find the image of a man dragging a dog carcass along with a leash funny.
I came back to read it again so I can play taht image in my head once more.
Here, Cadaverous!
I suppose you could say he's on the fritz at the moment.
Damn the Fritz!

...I must say, in scrolling down the length of your blog I read "Wankers Camp" instead of "Wankers Cramp"

I want to hear more about that. Too bad it wasn't what was there.
labradors are indeed foolish dogs
I like your Wanker's Camp concept, SafeT. Some of the best ideas arise out of misunderstandings.

I wanted to come back with a clever pun about Wanker's Camps but I can't think of one. Perhaps I'll bang one out later.

Fritz: down, boy. You're dead.
But I thought you "wouldn't have it," Footsie...?

I, too, loved the image of dragging the dead dog by the leash... I think that says something awful about me...
Lindy, I've come to accept the inevitable. sniff
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