Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Sausages better for you than snails, finds study

Rabble-rousing Ulsterman Professor Richard Lynn reckons we Brits are thicker than the Germans, Dutch, Poles, Swedes, Italians, Austrians and Swiss but smarter than the French. Apparently Northern European brains are on average 8 cubic centimetres bigger than their Southern counterparts. Why this has anything to do with intelligence is anybody's guess, as the Neanderthals had bigger brains than ours but never produced a single Nobel laureate and were by all accounts crap at Sudoku. It seems British university undergraduates have the second-highest average IQ score in the world, and are beaten only by the Yanks. That makes more sense to me. Considering some of the bullshit degree courses available at universities in both countries, it's obvious that the really bright school-leaver would opt for three years of Bob Dylan studies or whatever instead of moronically putting him- or herself through a gruelling course in engineering or law as they do in such backward countries as, say, Taiwan.

Further revelations in this highly dubious piece of work are that cleverer people live in cities, especially London, and that in wartime the side with the higher IQ normally wins unless there's a huge disparity in numbers. Like, duh. And geography clearly isn't Prof Dick Lynn's strong suit, because he claims Northern and Central Europeans are more intelligent than South-Easterners yet asserts that Italians, for example, are smarter than Brits.

I'm reminded of a joke, only tangentially related to all this. A journalist at the Olympics is going round interviewing athletes. He approaches one man and says, "Excuse me, are you a pole vaulter?"

The man replies: "No, I am German, but how did you know my name was Walter?"

It is a little known fact that Scottish people are born with larger brains than their English contemporaries. This could explain why the Scots have a higher number of Nobel Prize winners per capita than their curry guzzling neighbours.

Unfortunately, we also have a much higher per-capita population of prisoners.

There is narrow line between genius and stupidity
Strictly speaking, the good Professor is an Ulsterman only by emeritusness; he was educated at Cambridge and is a member of the London School of Differential Psychology. I have not been able to find out either his place of birth or where he learned geography. No doubt the first was London and the second somewhere in France.
The golden age of humanity occurred about a million years ago during the Homo Erectus era. Those homonids really knew how to sprint across the plains and didn't talk crap in the hope of getting quoted in a newspaper. We hairy apes respected them.
Won't anybody explain that last post to me? I'm just a housewifey-type and none too bright. I spent precious minutes on that puzzle when I could have been perfecting my souffles or getting a stubborn stain out of something.

I come from a secondary school where we had the highest rate of furtherance to higher education in Britain, but it was nothing to do with intelligence and was more a desperate need to get off our jobless, prospectless island and swill from the public trough for a few years. There was never any question amongst either us or our parents about whether we'd go to uni and so expectations were equally high for all of us, all the way through school.

I read a study recently, which said the highest incidence of genius was in the Jewish population.
You joke remind me of other joke kinda like it...

A man is walking down the beach in Hawaii. He sees a native walking up the beach toward him and stops the man.
"Please sir," the man says, "you're a native so you can answer this. Is the name of the islands pronounced HA-WIE-EE or HA-VIE-EE?"
The native says "It's HA-VIE-EE."
"Thank you so much," says the man.
The native says "Your velcome."

"...he was educated at Cambridge.."
He maybe went there, but educated? That's pushing it.

According to the Glasgow Herald, Scots and more specifically natives of that dear green place, are the best in the world at anything they turn their hands to.

It can take up to seven days away from Scotland, to debunk such deep-rooted programming.

Oh Sam, what Fatmammycat said: "It's a lot of wank"
Dr McC, unfortunately for you the piece I link to found the Scotch to be denser than the English.

Philip: pity about that; I rather fancied the idea of him as a ranting Ian Paisley type.

GB: always had a soft spot for Australopithecus africanus myself.

Sam: sorry, but my lips are sealed. No doubt somebody will spill the beans eventually, though Dr Marron and FatMammyCat have managed to keep their traps shut so far.

Monstee: was he German then? Is there a large immigrant Teutonic population in Havaii which has become indigenous?

Dr Maroon: you're obviously distracted today because you typed days when you meant years.
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Finally, I respond to your original post. What of the old yarn concerning Einstein's brain being miniscule, much like a thimble of cooked pork? Eh?
Clearly, if Einstein was able to torque enough horsepower out of two cc's of brainmatter to develop some of the most shocking mathematical comedy modernity has to offer, then these post-neanderthal sappy sapiens have no legitimate correlation between their brains and my cat, Odo.
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