Monday, January 30, 2006



Doc Maroon’s a most excellent guy;
His Opera was amusing and wry.
But, wrapped up in his blog,
He’s neglected his job
And his planes have all dropped from the sky.

Anti-Barney was tucked up with Ted
When his nemesis loomed over the bed.
Now poor old AB
Finds it painful to pee
‘Cause he walloped the wrong purple head.

Books and art Lindy wants to discuss;
In return we just argue and cuss.
She’s so smart and profound,
Why’s she hanging around
With a bunch of no-hopers like us?


Philip C’s a pedant, sad to tell;
I should tell him to piss off to hell.
But I cannot do it
Lest I’m called hypocrite –
For I am a pedant as well.

More to follow.

Aah limericks! We used to write limericks to one another in high school, my friend Jimmy and I...

Here's one for you, dear Footsie! (I'll try and come up with a nice one some other time in return for your nice one!)

We all know a guy named Foot Eater,
His talents nobody could meter,
His fights with dear Beardy
seemed really quite wierdy
till I learnt it's o'er bigger peters.
Excellent, Lindy. Can anyone else beat that?
haha.. nice Lindy.

i could "beat it" Foot..

full puns a blazing..
Don't take this small quibble amiss,
But I have to point out simply this:
'Tis a fact true and sound
Which we can't get around:
There's three syllables in nemesis.
That's beautiful. Truly, Limericks are teh Irish haiku.
Philip, don't you mean 'there are three syllables in nemesis'?
Poetic license authorises the prioritisation of metre over grammar.
Philip can be a pedant,
Yet his words are so elegant,
this silver-tongued devil,
never talks drivel,
saff London, we'd call him a
jolly fine fellow.
Poetic licence, surely? Or are you American?
Curses, I think you're right. This side of the pond, license is the verb and licence the noun.
Perhaps I was being a bit unfair; I don't know what the spelling's like on Skaro.
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