Sunday, January 29, 2006


Road to nowhere

Dysgraphic American weirdo Arlington Hynes has tagged me. “God knows what this means”, I thought at first, but I’ve since gathered that this is some kind of Internet meme with no higher purpose than its own propagation. In the face of such an unstoppable force I’ve decided to bend over and comply.

Seven movies I like

The Terminator
Terminator 2
Terminator 3
Bride of Reanimator
Night of the Living Dead
Dawn of the Dead

Seven books I like

The Quiller Memorandum
Quiller KGB
Quiller’s Run
Quiller Bamboo
Quiller Barracuda
Quiller Solitaire
Quiller Balalaika
- by Adam Hall

Seven things I say

“Stick it in the other end, you idiot.”
“I don’t watch this stuff, I’m buying it for a friend.”
“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”
“Mind what you’re doing with that cheese grater.”
“I don’t care what it says on the label, lick it up.”
“Oops, we’ve got a live one here.”
“Anything, as long as it’s got mayonnaise.”

Seven things that attract me to the city

There are none – I’m getting as far away as I can (and have made it to Essex so far)

Seven things to do before I die

Take revenge on mine enemies
Go to Norway
Travel back in time
Have a meaningful conversation with another human being
Have one more cigarette without falling right off the wagon again
Make somebody laugh
Get rid of the rash

Seven things I can’t do

See previous list (ah ha ha haaa, I bet nobody else has thought of doing that before)

Seven people to tag

This is tough. It might be taken in the joshing spirit in which it’s intended, or the wrong way completely. Or, more likely, it’ll be ignored. Nevertheless, it’s worth choosing some good sports, so:

El Barbudo
The Waste Paper Basket
Michael Barrymore
The SafeTinspector


Can't seem to find Bryan Ferry's URL so I've replaced him with Eggagog. Do check this being's blog out if only to see pure, raving madness up close.

I was the first one you thought of to tag?! Thanks, Footsie!! Will do...
Figuring out who you're going to tag next has actually been the most fun
Yes, and while I could easily have tagged seven people on my link list, that would have reduced the range of people for them to then tag. I see you haven't been quite so considerate with your tags, Barbudo; big fucking surprise there.
ha! thanks.. i know how much i love to talk about me..
There. I've done it.
And I did it the hard way.
I'm going to bed.
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