Friday, October 17, 2008


Before the Rapture: a picture-post in three acts

Please tell me that's a chocolate bundt cake.

Just lie.
And woo-fabby-hoo! Foots is back!
Back in penury, thanks to Icesave. But I appreciate the sentiment, Sam.
Yup, same here. Every time we turn on the financial news, we've become poorer. Not nearly as bad as some poor sods out here though. There are people who've lost 20% of their retirement savings. A whole lot of them.

Iceland's what got you, eh? Bad luck, old chum. Still, it's got to start getting better soon. You'd think.
We had no savings in any banks or building societies. We have no savings at all.

What credit crunch?
On Any questions today, Radio 4, a question something like: " In that Accrington already has high unemployment and a benefit culture, will the credit crunch be in any way noticeable?".
Why Iceland ffs?
It's the last place I'd have put any money.
Bank of Scotland, surely.

Happy New Year, Foots!
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