Saturday, June 07, 2008



Would someone post something here, please? Jesus, it's been over three months. I might not have access to a computer here under the bridge but I do get out into town once in a while, you know.

Under what bridge?
What fucking time zone are you in ferchrissakes?
Very well. How can you hope to maintain a fanbase with such infrequent posting, you cornfucking nuthole?
Aaah, the sweet smell of abuse. Thanks, lads; keep it up.

The truth is, Doc Maroon, I don't know. I looked at the label on my gallon jar of scrumpy and saw the name of a Somerset brewery. Then I watched a double-decker red bus go by. Then, a sexy miniskirted lass flounced by who turned out to be a hairy man in a kilt with coarse ginger hairs erupting from his unharnessed scrotum. So the bridge is in the West Country, over the Thames or in one of those Scotch regions. Then again, my neighbour is bashing a swede so this might be Norfolk. What a bloody tedious discussion.

And Philip: there's no call for language like that. My base is quite broad enough, anyway, and doesn't need expanding or even maintaining.
A man's base is neither here nor there. What matters is what he projects unto the world*.

Well it's too good to be true that both you and Maroon are back, so I'm not going to believe it until you've posted something else.

* And width
PS. WELCOME BACK, YOU GREAT GALOOT! How's the babbie? How's Mrs. Eater? How's crypting treating you these days?
Width! Aren't women total pains?
Oh no, it's not good enough to put in all the prep, the candle lit chicken tikka, the liberal application of the great smell of brut, the cleanish bed linen, the grunting sweating effort, oh no, still not enough, what about the width darling?

Under the bridge downtown
Is where I drew some blood
Under the bridge downtown
I could not get enough
Under the bridge downtown
Forgot about my love
Under the bridge downtown
I gave my life away

Ah, such true poetry from the chili peppers. Haven't a clue what they're screeching about.
babbie? you've procreated? Jesus. I'll have to smoke a cigar now.
See the bother you're causing me?
Why is it that Welshmen hid under bridges and refuse to let you cross until you answer 3 stupid questions? I don't really care why they're Welsh no reasoning with them.

I heard yer naked headless body was found in the Thames and thats why you don't blog, shit must have got the wrong person.
Go on, write another Blunt Cogs script. Or even a series. Get your own back on everyone. Introduce the Foot Eater baby
Well, at this early stage it might be more of a Foot Sucker baby, unless it was born with teeth. Which wouldn't surprise me.
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the 5th street bridge in los angeles, doc xoxox
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