Tuesday, November 28, 2006



The Kremlin has issued a statement casting doubt on whether former KGB colonel Alexander Litvinenko is really dead. President Putin said this afternoon, 'He's looked too healthy to be a dying man. In that picture of him in the hospital he's positively glowing.'


That was a joke. Read it carefully.

He looks better than Yushenko (sp?) alive OR dead.
Did you see the quote from Putin? He said he saw no evidnce "that it was a result of violence, this is not a violent death," which is a real laugh riot.

I'll be sure to tell that to the cops when I poison my ex. "But Officer, at least I didn't order him to be stabbed to death! It wasn't a violent death, he went peacefully, along with his hair, his immune system, etc."
ha ha bitches had you fooledski.
Murky murder! Murky murder!
He's healthy. No dead man can ever be accused of illness.
'...he's positively glowing.'

"Tarr-arr-rump!" exclaimed the spikey-haired comic needlessly.
Not so needlessly, Doc. From the comments so far I fear people haven't got the joke.
Oh we 'got' it all right, we got it, laughed, and then felt bad about it for the rest of the afternoon, you great big loon.
Now I feel like a fool, FMC. It's just that it's only the second joke I've ever made up myself and I'm like a little boy who's learned to ride a bike.
Aw, I don't want you to feel bad, * I did laugh, I just felt really bad about it, seeing as he's dead and all. Come on over and take a little test, I bet ya get it first go.
* ruffles Footie's head*
If you have to explain your jokes to your readers, then there's something wrong with either your jokes or your readers.

I refuse to be drawn as to which side I would come down on in this debate.
I think they did get your joke, its just that it was................. No Surrender!
The whole affair has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I'll get it checked out.
I doubt that K, I heard it was pretty flavourless.
I snickered a bit, then got angry at you for speaking ill of the dead.
You're right fatmammy. It's all utterly tasteless this.
O, I am slain! - Polonius
Very clever, Bock.
By the way -

FMC: oooh, i do love it when you do that. If I roll over will you...? erm, no, better not.

Kim: a third possibility is that the problem lies in the way I tell them.

Mr Knudsen: for the first time ever I have absolutely no idea what you're on about. In fact I'm beginning to wonder if you're not Dr Maroon in disguise, so cryptic is your comment. What a Bruce Springsteen tune has to do with any of this is beyond me. (Anal Bruce trivia corner: The original vs the 1975-1985 live version: discuss. I prefer the original myself.)

Kieran and FMC: please stop talking about oral sex and its aftermath, this is not that kind of blog. Email me if you want some more relevant links.

Kav: you what? I never said anything about Joyce's most famous short story. You Irish are so sensitive about your literature it makes me sick.

Bock: very clev- oh, I already said that. Good avatar, by the way. I know it's Klaus Kinski, but can't place it. Is it from Fitzcarraldo?
No, but well done. It's from the making of Fitxcarraldo.
Nearly right.

It's from the making of Fitzcarraldo
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