Monday, September 11, 2006


Intermission (sort of)

Reality intrudes, so posting will be light for the next couple of weeks, though I should have the next episode of The Drugstore Comic Book Incident up in a few days' time.

Meanwhile, why not check out the two latest additions to my link list. Fat Sparrow and Old Bitter Balls fill a four-letter-word-shaped hole in the blogging world left after El Barbudo and Anti-Barney went quiet. Pedants be warned, though: Old Knudsen wouldn't know a properly punctuated sentence if it kicked him in the bollocks.

I knew you should of went with the Wickerman storyline, don't worry, you've commented plenty on my Blog, when you get out of prison you can read what you've said, as for your 'punctuated sentence' shove yer medical terms up your hole.
Ack! Company's coming? Ohmygod, I have to go clean the nest!

(i'm thinking Mr. Knudsen's comment needs to go up on the side there.)

hope to see you back at it soon. take care.
Hurry back, we're waiting for the next installment you know.
Thanks, all. The next episode will probably be up Wednesday if I can snatch some time over the next couple of days.

You lot are partly to blame as you came up with so many good ideas I've had difficulty choosing. I have it now, though.
Bloody reality again, eh? It gets us all one way or another what with its impertinent intrusions and the prevailing popular illusion that it is, in fact, real. Me? I just don't buy it.
Don't go near Bitter Balls if you like serene, calming stories. The man is bitter and has a small penis.

Fat Bird smells like cats piss and never wears knickers when posting her blogs. Whilst that may turn some of you on, as Old Knudsen points out, her blog reeks of fish.
The crazy monkey bashing Aussie has made some very valid points, if you go to her Blog you may never come back, she should rename it the brink of insanity.
I wish to hear of the comic incident. I wish to know of your new links.
I can only fulfill one of these two desires on my own.
Since you ask so nicely, SafeT...

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