Tuesday, August 22, 2006


One hundredth post

I understand it's customary to say a few words on the occasion of one's hundredth post, so here they are.

Do you get an email from Bill Gates when you've reached a century in posts? A sticky bun? A drink?

I toast you with my tea, Footles! Sterling work and, may I say, a fine speech. Kept it down to the bare bones. 'Salways best when marking occasions, innit? Always leave 'em wanting more.
Brief and to the point. Well done. I'll try to be similarly precise when I eventually get there.
Customary for who? And how can it be customary? I mean, presumably whoever it's customary for can only have reached their hundredth post once, in which case they may well have said a few words, which may indeed be customary, but it can't be customary on the hundredth post because they could only have reached it once, and if you only do it once it isn't exactly a custom, is it? On the other hand, if you mean that people in general say a few words on reaching their hundredth post, there are over two million blogs in the blogosphere, and quite a few of those will have reached their hundredth post, with the customary words, which means that the words, although customary, can hardly be few, or at least not as concise as the present comment might have been if you had bothered to make your meaning clearer in the first place, for heaven's sake.
I thought you'd been around longer than that?
Just goes to show you, its more about the quality than quantity.
congratulations, footie.
Phil:So are you endorsing or condemning the practice of posting customary words upon 100 postings?

I think that if you liken it to other milestones of note, funerals for instance, then you can easily conceive of customary words used but once per participant.
Seems fucking longer.
Are you sure? I've not bothered going back and counting them, but your very first entry:


doesn't contain a title, an entry or a comment. So does it count?
WEll done Footie, married and 100 posts, eh?
Sam: I regularly get a message saying 'a fatal error has occurred'; dunno if it's from Bill Gates.

Dr J McC: I'll hold you to that.

Philip: thank you for clarifying that, and I apologise for being so obscurantist. What was I thinking?

SafeT: I was around for quite a while before I started the blog, annoying people in the comments boxes.

Dr Maroon: charmed, I'm sure.

Kim: good point. Still, Blogger tells me it's 100 posts and I've already posted this, so this might as well stay number 100.

FMC: once I've swum the Channel next week I'll have achieved a hat trick.
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