Friday, June 30, 2006


No beating about the bush

After my last few wordy posts, here's one that speaks for itself. Don't blame me for the spelling mistake.


I've just realised this is the first entry posted on any of the ten million or so existing blogs in the last few years that refers to 'bush' without an ironic tie-in to the US President. Apart from this, of course. Another reason why I'm so great.

Me have seen real nudist colonies before...
Most tend to be full of old, fat or just plain ugly people.
Believe me, there am very little to "masterbate" about.
Disgusting, I spent a whole summer once lying very still on a nudist beach watching old men's bits wobble and flap about all over the place, and woemen with boobies down to their crotch-es. NOT for the faint -hearted and as Monstee pointed out, NOTHING to walk the plank over. If I hadn't been such a lazy bitch I would have walked a further mile to another less fleshy beach, but... well, read the first part.
The implication being that it's OK to wank as long as you do it in full view.
I just don't want to cook myself.
Monstee and FMC: unlike both of you, I spent an entire year in a nudist colony in which the weather was Mediterranean, the upper age limit was 35 and the upper weight limit was 58 kilos. And there were no males allowed, except me.

Then I woke up.

Hungbunny: precisely. I myself followed this implication in my dream above, and ended up tortured in an imaginary totalitarian police cell.

SafeT: try a late April day in Gran Canaria at about four in the afternoon. The weather is balmy and the flesh sleek. The bushes provide excellent cover and are unlikely to give your genitalia the hives.
Foot:can you send me some video? I need it.
Is it only me, or does anyone else suspect that the photo, while amusing, is a pretty obvious photoshop fake ? The not quite matching angles of the text with the sign's edges, the lack of perspective to the text, the pixelized fuzziness around the letters... Something smells fishy - although that might be the colony's, hmm, members.
Johnnyboy, welcome. You're right, I think. So I guess masturbating behind the bushes is okay after all!
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