Monday, May 22, 2006


Take them, God, please

Really scraped the barrel with that last post, didn’t I? I’ve only just got back so haven’t read any of the comments yet, but I expect they’re all abusive and rightly so.

I was looking forward to posting about the delights of Paris – the Champs Elysee, the Louvre, men in funny berets reading Sartre in cafes at dawn, and so on – but it’s not to be. Apparently there was some ‘football’ match there on Wednesday, the day of my arrival, between two teams called Arsehole and Bastard or something. Late on Wednesday night we were walking back to the lodgings and a crowd of Spanish ne’er-do-wells were destroying a street, uprooting small trees and heaving bricks through windows. And their team won, for God’s sake. Where were the famously brutal French police when they were needed?

I’ve nothing against peaceful people who love football, though I don’t care for it myself. But this sort of beast, apparently not just a British invention, should be flayed with a thorny scourge, then lowered into a vat of human excrement up to its chin, then made to bellow its monstrous chants at the top of its voice. Then thrown to the crocodiles.

Some years ago the Detroit basketball franchise, "The Pistons," won a championship and many of the "fans" did quite a bit of vandalism.

In Lansing, Michigan (our state capitol) a college championship some years ago had a very similar result.

I've often wanted to talk to someone who actually participated in one of these impromptu riots after the heat of the moment wore off and ask them what the hell they were thinking.

I have a feeling I'd be bored.
We're too frightened to comment.

I can remember being at a school netball tournament, the loveliest eight year old girl sitting next to us pulled out a Stanley knife and demanded money from Mrs Maroon with menaces.

"You can fuck right off you little shite exclaimed oh it was all confused after that.
Dr. M: I think it very well might be confusing still.
Intriguing, though.
They shot the happy non rioting sunglass stealing champion filth in BCN, with rubber bullet no less. Huzzah!
¡Barça! ¡Barça! ¡Barça!

In Valencia one can guess another's political bent by observing whether they are happy about the win or not.

Now if I could only find something to break. I know! I'll just head-butt the computerkasdlfsu d.-...-.
Saw Scotland lose to England, Euro '96, and on the way back to the tube hooligans (NOT supporters, and undoubtedly not just English) were throwing bricks at us.

And I'm a supporter of one half of the Old Firm... both sides of which have an disproportionately large amount of violent cunts.
How the fuck does one go about vandalising detroit?
Footie, do you and vamperella live toghether? Like I mean all the time?
Yes, for the last year. Happiest year of my life.
Probably the french police were not equipped to deal to those spanish ruffians, as the spanish are not considered to be 'black'.
True, they're not black but if you call them 'Moors'you'd best be prepared for some running.
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