Thursday, May 03, 2012


Get this wanker off my back

There's a new 'e-book', whatever the fuck that is, available for the 'Kindle' (yes, your guess is as good as mine). It's some kind of thriller thing about spies and such. You can buy it here or, if you're one of those American people, here.

The author has promised to stop phoning in the middle of the night, posting hate-filled screeds through my door and hanging around outside my children's school in a stained mackintosh, as long as I spread the word about his 'thriller'. So please, for the love of Christ, buy this book, even if you don't read the fucking thing.

Thank you.

I believe a "Kindle" is a sort of mobile phone full of printed words. One takes it on the Tube and pokes it with one's fingers, and the words zoom about and you stare at them until you score lots of points or your last shooter is destroyed. Can't see the appeal myself; it's a lot less fun to watch over somebody's shoulder than a game of Angry Birds.

Next time your friend turns up, ask him if he's got a genuine version of this thriller thingy, by which I mean a paper version or a PDF, like what real people write. Otherwise nothing doing until someone inflicts one of those "Kindles" on me for Christmas or something.
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