Sunday, March 18, 2007


Contractual obligation post

Buy this book from here when you can. Last time I checked it was impossible to order it. Its compiler says it’s quite good. Harry Hutton has an entry in it, so you might get up to two minutes' worth of fun for your tenner. There's some kind of charity thing involved as well; burns victims or crack babies or some such.

As I say, though, it's impossible to order the thing.

Bought and paid for, after a couple of tries.

Come on though, Foots, talk it up a little! It's a great project.

For those that don't know, Mr Foots here is in it! That alone should make you rush over and buy one.
Harry Hutton? Fuck him.

I've bought the whole print run and I shall be burning it outside the nearest poorhouse.

Oh father, oh father, please show us a sign,
your children have waited to hear,
the morning will come when the world is mine,
tomorrow belongs to me.

Just like old times Footsie.
How come being a crack-commando is a good thing but being a crack-baby is not? Aren't there just some babies that are that good at being babies they need a whole division unto themselves, with camouflage prams and black nose make-up and stuff? Babies who can coo and gurgle while being dangled by helicopters over volcanoes and the like? It would certainly give a whole new meaning to "my baby's packing in his diaper."
Does it have anyone good in it then?

No I'm not crying.
Aye, there it was! I've not nor will I ever, though I admire its existence.
The title is a dubious play on words, and has forced me to hum two or three stanzas of nursey song.
Ay oop, 'e's gone agin.

God, I hope he hasn't been arrested again. They're not as lenient as they used to be with third-time foot-worrying offenses. Interfering with toes now carries a pretty heavy sentence in the new Zero Toelerance Britain.

We'll march for you, Foots, never worry! I'm busy this Saturday but maybe next week? Oh and we'll need to get some sort of banners to wave - "More Understanding of the Warped!" - or something and that'll take a while to organise. And we'll have to alert the media, of course. I think we're looking at next month, I'm afraid, Foots. You be all right languishing in prison 'til then? Good man!

Don't give up hope etc.
I hear its really good - but the profits are going to a Japanese bank which now owns the souls of all contributors - that'll teach yer- should read the small print!
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