Friday, December 23, 2005


God exists

It turns out all those books like the Bible and the Koran were right. Apparently, the woolly mammoth, which was like an elephant but had a special extinction gene, possessed a kick-arse hairy flap which covered its anus to keep out the cold. There's no way this could have "evolved" without the guiding hand of an intelligent designer, because it's such a fucking excellent idea. So well done, Jesus and Mohammed and all your disciples and victims!

The story of the bristly ring-cover is begging to be told on film. Just imagine what Disney could do with a decent script.

Mammoths' cocks were three feet long when erect, which isn't that impressive when you consider how big their owners were.

Just a quick message to let you know I have returned the link!
I have found you. Not in the romantic sense you understand. I shall return
I'd say thanks, Doc, but that hairy twat would accuse me of not taking charge of my life.
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