Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Rondo Hatton was a queer

-ly compelling actor who was, astonishingly, voted Most Handsome Student in high school. Following an unfortunate encounter with a mustard gas canister in World War One, he developed a disorder of his pituitary gland called acromegaly and became ugly. This didn't do his career any harm, as he appeared in a number of Hollywood features and singlehandedly redefined the term 'typecast'. He was in the 1944 Sherlock Holmes film Pearl Of Death as grotesque sidekick Hoxton Creeper, and was so well-loved that the Creeper was resurrected for a further two flicks. Sadly, Ron keeled over with a fatal heart attack in 1946 at the age of 52 before they were released. Other Hatton favourites were The Big Guy and Union Atlantic (1939), and The Princess and the Pirate (1944).

Rondo's gone, but his beat lives on.

There are two deliberate mistakes in this post. Can you spot them?

The one mistake in your "post" is that you, have mistaken your readers, for the sort of smug crossword-puzzle fetishist cretins, who wish to spend their utterly dry and desolate little lives spotting "deliberate errors", and raising their hands, like schoolchildren, squealing "pick me, pick me, miss, pick me!"

If you do it again, I will engage an assassin, and have you eliminated. I tell you this only for your own good, because I am a caring person, and wish to help.
teh msitake is his real name was 'germane grear'.
Thanks for the advice, Dr Haridon, though you might want to have another quick look at that Hippocratic Oath.

HA HA HA: yes, well done,you've spotted one of them. Perhaps I should have made it harder?
The Hippocratic Oath is sentimental rubbish. The strong know best what to do, and must not be arbitrarily restrained, by those whose weakness and indecision, have placed them among the lower orders.
Fantastic! The first two proper commenters to my blog turn out to be a lunatic and a Klanswoman. It can only get better.
It's not a matter of race, you silly wog. The fit are those who survive, quite regardless of pigmentation. If you put Idi Amin in a locked room with Edie Sedgwick, a few hours later Mr. Amin would be calling for pudding and a toothpick, and poor Miss Sedgwick would be nowhere to be seen. But of course the poor dear destroyed herself with drugs long, long ago. I could have warned her. But those Americans are so thick, and have such awful television, and really, so few of them have passports. It would have done no good.
In any case, if you were at all well-informed, you would surely be aware that the appropriate term is "klansperson".
Didn't understand much of that, Dr Horniad, but wise up, you dumb Yank: this is a new blog, and I need the comments to be attached to the appropriate posts so as to create the illusion that lots of people come here.
Well, if that's the impression you wish to create, then allow anonymous and arbitraryonymous comments. And if you want more than one actual reader, write about something other than politics. All you'll get with that nonsense is rabid Americans, or rabid anti-Americans, or worst of all both.

"Acromegaly Through the Ages" would be quite nice. Or you could broaden your focus to hideous malformations in general! Have you considered racemose aneurysms, for example? They're really quite lovely.
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